Derek, Owner

Small town roots. This is immediately true for Derek Shields. Growing up and living in Leduc, Alberta. Derek went along through the process to obtain his retail cannabis license. With the help from his younger sister for style and taste, he started to design and create the store as it is today combining his love of nature inside of it. Proudly standing beside all of the locally sourced and up cycled material. Education and customer service is his utmost importance in the store alongside creating a team environment to staff on his vision of a dream job environment he would love to work in. A strong supporter of local business and can be spotted winters playing outdoor hockey with friends.


Koltaen, Manager

 Derek decided he needed his best friend to help him run and start the business. Koltaen without hesitation left his job for a career in cannabis. The two alongside created the back bone which is Northern Lights Supply. They continue to push the store into a unique destination store on the forefront of cannabis education. The two can be seen together to this day side by side creating new exciting ideas and on the front lines talking and helping customers. Koltaen and Derek’s friendship and brotherly comradery will always greet you with passion talking about cannabis and treat everyone like a VIP. Chance’s are if you pop into the shop you will see one of them with a huge smile and ready to help.